Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the lives of people with cognitive and language difficulties by expanding our understanding of:

(1) how the brain performs language and cognitive functions, 

(2) how these brain systems change in the face of injury or dysfunction, and

(3) how we can improve recovery

We will pursue our mission by conducting research addressing the three aims above while striving to educate members of the lab and others about our methods and findings

For Research:

When selecting and designing projects we will keep in mind the ultimate goal of helping people with cognitive and language difficulties.

We will respect disciplines that provide other perspectives and expertise on the issues we study, and apply this knowledge to improve our research.

We will keep an open mind, and consider alternate viewpoints and interpretations.

We will be skeptical of our own work and others', and be willing to re-evaluate our assumed knowledge.

We will respect our participants by making our research worth their efforts.

We will respect our home institutions and funders by making our research worth their support.

We will respect our families and friends by making our work worth the time and attention spent away from them.

We will publish good and meaningful work.

For Education:

We will disseminate our knowledge accurately and honestly.

We will support the intellectual, personal, and professional growth of lab members and collaborators.

In training lab members and others in our areas of research and their related disciplines, we will share information with each other and educate each other.

We will foster an environment that supports learning and professional development.

We will encourage each other to ask questions, and not judge each other for our gaps in knowledge or understanding.

We will encourage developing independence, in both thought and action.

We will give appropriate credit for contributions to the lab and the research.