Software for free download

Multivariate lesion-symptom mapping MATLAB toolbox

Allows SVR-LSM analyses with flexible handling of covariates including lesion size, permutation-based correction for multiple comparisons, and a graphical interface. 

Cite: DeMarco, A.T. & Turkeltaub, P.E. (2018). A multivariate lesion symptom mapping toolbox and examination of lesion-volume biases and correction methods in lesion-symptom mapping. Hum Brain Mapp, 39(11), 4163-4635. doi:

Stimuli for free download

Inner Speech Naming Stimuli

A set of picture stimuli (120 black-and-white line drawings) used in our inner speech research. The list includes 60 items from the Philadelphia Naming Test (Roach et al., 1996) and 60 items normed at Georgetown University in a set of 24 healthy older adults (primarily drawn from the International Picture-Naming Project database; Szekely et al., 2004). 

Cite: Fama, M.E., Snider, S.F., Henderson, M.P., Hayward, W., Friedman, R.B., & Turkeltaub, P.E. (2019). The subjective experience of inner speech in aphasia is a meaningful reflection of lexical retrieval. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 62(1), 106-122.

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